Information For Residents

With permission of the Governing Body, the Queens' May Ball Committee will be hosting a May Ball in Queens' college on the 20th June, and we apologise for the disruption that this may cause for resident members of college, particularly those on the Dark Side. If you are resident on the night of 20th June, there will be activities going on all night until about 5.30am.

Resident Students on the Dark Side: If you are in a student room and do not have a ticket to the Ball, but wish to remain in your room, you are able to do so, as long as you do not circulate through the Ball. We will require all students to vacate the Dark Side of college by 14:30 on the day of the ball. If you wish to stay the night in your room you will then be able to re-enter your room between 17:30 and 19:00, after which you will be required to remain there until the end of the ball. Please fill out the form here to register that you will be staying, so that we know who is on the site. We will then get in contact with more specific information closer to the time, and will update this website accordingly.

Resident Students on the Light Side: All rooms on the light side are outside the ball perimeter, so you will be able to stay in your rooms without registering with us.

Resident Fellows: If you are a resident Fellow, you will be issued with a pass to enable you to pass through security and go to and from your apartment.